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Quantum chromo dynamics is the hypothesis depicting sub-atomic particles called quarks and gluons, which are the constituents of hadrons, for example, protons and neutrons. It is a piece of the Standard Model portraying our current understanding of basic particles. One fascinating characteristic about this hypothesis is that despite the fact that it was proposed in 1964 by Gell-Mann and Zweig and is generally acknowledged by the material science group, right up ’til today all examinations approving the presence of the quarks have handled just aberrant confirmation of them. Actually, as stated by the hypothesis itself, nobody truly ever hopes to see immediate evidence of them whatsoever, viz. free quarks. Pulling two quarks separated obliges so much vitality, that you make new particles the whole time which connect themselves to the old quarks and hence you never wind up with free quarks to identify. The essential point here is that the analyses that affirmed the presence of these quarks never really recognized them straightforwardly and nobody truly requested such evidence. They saw certain particles coming in and certain particles turning out as stated by what the hypothesis anticipated, however never really saw the free quarks independent from anyone else. Accordingly, aberrant discovery with no desire of immediate recognition is still legitimate to affirm the presence of something in science.
To announce that there is no spirit, simply in light of the fact that we can’t specifically see it with our current instruments, is similar to stating that there are no quarks in light of the fact that we can’t catch them straightforwardly in our labs. Both the spirit and the quarks’ presence could be surmised in a roundabout way by their belongings (living side effects and awareness on account of the spirit; molecule connections on account of the quarks). Despite the fact that there are different speculations in science depicting the cause of cognizance and living indications, these remain extremely unsuitable and commonly logically dismissive. Besides, the abundance of information in regards to themes like rebirth accumulated via cautious experimental studies, for example, those of Dr. Ian Stevenson from Virginia University can scarcely be represented by any description other than one including some idea of what is here alluded to as atma.
There is, in any case, a strategy for straightforwardly seeing the spirit, but it is as troublesome an undertaking as building a synchrotron to catch material particles. One can’t utilize a magnifying lens to see a molecule; one must use a STM (examining tunneling magnifying lens), which utilizes an alternate engineering. Essentially, to picture something as unpretentious as an atma, we can’t utilize these terrible material components and senses; rather, we must use our own particular otherworldly faculties. The procedure is very nitty gritty and might oblige a committed article for it, however the premise of it involves utilizing the psyche as a kind of reflect, so that the atma can see its own particular attributes through its profound faculties. Yet the psyche must be balanced, as with any high-accuracy measuring gadget, by purifying it of all childish, selfish and coldblooded affinities. This is possible by the influential system for contemplation methods using the droning of mantras, which include the recitation of the names of God and can center, tame, and cleanse the psyche. When the psyche has been scrubbed and controlled, immediate observation of the spirit is conceivable inside oneself, as well as inside every other living element.

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Nasa have bought into the $15m computer that uses quantum physics effects although the computer does not fit the conventional concept of a quantum computer.

It is said that the computer is 3,600 times faster than your normal computer and it will be shared by Google, Nasa and other scientists.

The great thing about this computer is that it uses an effect known as Quantum tunnelling which allows the computer find solutions to certain types of mathematical problems in a fraction of a second.

Google want to use the the computer to find out how quantum computing might advance techniques of machine learning and voice recognition.

University researchers will also get 20% of the time on the computer.

Prof Alan Woodward of Surrey University said: “You get drop out… decoherence, where the qubits lapse into being simple 1s and 0s instead of the entangled quantum states you need. Errors creep in,”

A teenager in the U.S.A. has solved a problem just for fun, his names is Ari Dyckvsky he is 17 about to turn 18 very soon. The boy has had his equations published by journal physical review A.

But this comes as a no surprise to his mother who have driven him around the country for this quantum physic ambitions, the publishers said “Yes, he’s very young, but he’s the first author on that publication and rightfully so. All of the brute force calculations and things like that — Ari did most of it, if not all of it,” said co-author Steven Olmschenk, a researcher with the Joint Quantum Institute”

This boy is really into his work and loves what his doing and learning he said “I would get bored at school, but when I got home, he would make me these math worksheets … algebraic word problems. After a while, they became less about math and more about how would you use math to describe something, to show what’s going on. That’s what physics is

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Philosophers have been given some hard times past few years with physicists getting better at identifying causes of problems and unexplained theories. But the recent book has puzzled some people on who is winning the book is called A Universe from Nothing which questions if philosophy is capable of addressing by themselves the truly fundamental questions that perplex is about our existence.

In my opinion I believe science will have the answer to everything, most people have lost hope in religion since is getting better in explaining what we cannot. People who have had miracles and other type of close encounters with god or Jesus will stay believing. Since it’s getting better every year and soon science will be able to explain most stuff that in our head. From the very beginning science made us questions is god really existed and that he created the world.

but right now science is winning, i do not think they would get along.


Researchers have discovered a new way in which computers based on quantum physics could beat the performance of classical computers. The work, by researchers based in Singapore and the UK, implies that a Matrix-like simulation of reality would require less memory on a quantum computer than on a classical computer. It also hints at a way to investigate whether a deeper theory lies beneath quantum theory. The finding is published 27 March in Nature Communications.


Researchers know how to calculate the amount of information transferred inherently in any stochastic process. Theoretically, this sets the lowest amount of information needed to simulate the process. In reality, however, classical simulations of stochastic processes require more storage than this.

Gu, Wiesner, Rieper and Vedral, who is also affiliated with the University of Oxford, UK, showed that quantum simulators need to store less information than the optimal classical simulators. That is because quantum simulations can encode information about the probabilities in a “superposition”, where one quantum bit of information can represent more than one classical bit.


The finding emerges from fundamental consideration of how much information is needed to predict the future. Mile Gu, Elisabeth Rieper and Vlatko Vedral at the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National Univesity of Singapore, with Karoline Wiesner from the University of Bristol, UK, considered the simulation of “stochastic” processes, where there are several possible outcomes to a given procedure

Quantum physics ‎

For a start, quantum physics is really well-established. It’s had about 100 years of complete success as far as experiments. In fact, quantum physics is so accurate that we physicists are getting desperate (let’s be honest here: we’d love it to fail, since this opens the door to discovering a new theory, and for a physicist this is the easiest way of entering the Physics Hall of Fame). Even the weirdest of quantum predictions (what Einstein termed “spooky action at a distance”) are now established beyond reasonable doubt. Quantum objects seem to know about each other in a way not allowed in the classical world, and even when these objects are far apart they act as an inseparable whole.

A few years back, the Steelers were playing the Cardinals in the Super Bowl, and the game came down to the wire.

In one of the most famous plays in Super Bowl history, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger scrambled to his right and fired a pass to the corner of the end zone, where Santonio Holmes caught the ball for the go-ahead touchdown.

Or did he? Ruled a touchdown on the field, the play was close enough that the officials needed to review it via video replay.

For a few minutes, though the play had happened on the field, the result of the play was in limbo.

Finally, the ruling came back that the receiver did keep both of his feet inbounds, and the touchdown was confirmed, notwithstanding Cardinals fans who felt Santonio’s toes had grown an extra inch in the meantime.

Another, much more famous example of a decision waiting to happen, was the O.J. Simpson trial. While maybe not the “trial of the century,” it was undoubtedly the trial of the 1990s, with seemingly every TV station in the country riveted to it. And it too went through an important delay, this one being the announcement of “guilty” or “not guilty.”

In both the examples above, and many others like them, we find that often we have to wait before learning about a result, even when that result – a football play finished, a jury decision reached – has happened. This, perhaps surprisingly, is also how nature operates.

The Austrian physicist Erwin Schroedinger created perhaps the unluckiest cat story of all time.

Schroedinger’s cat is a parable about the meaning of quantum physics. While patent nonsense at the level of everyday life – the cat is either alive or dead – the subatomic world doesn’t work in such a straightforward fashion. A particle can be said to have a spooky blend of existence and non-existence… until one opens the box.

Imagine, he said, placing a live cat into a sealed box. Along with the box is a radioactive atom with a half-life of one hour, plus a device (the details here don’t matter) that will kill the cat when it detects a radioactive decay. Also assume the cat is otherwise safe – there’s sufficient air to breathe, and so on.

You can’t tell anything about the cat from the outside. The odds of the atom decaying are exactly one-half during the hour. Without opening the box, can you tell: Is the cat alive or dead? Or something in between?

Hedonism Theory

Hedonism is the claim that pain and pleasure motivate us. Emotions such as joy, happiness, delight, pleasant experience etc. are all emotions that give us some sort of pleasure, now the Hedonism theory claims that these emotions motivate us do things in order to feel these emotions. Emotions that give us pain in some sort of way are seen to be emotions that motivate us to do things in order to not get this feeling of pain.

Normative Hedonism is Hedonism where only pleasure has value whereas pain has disvalue but because pain has disvalue we do not motivate our self’s to avoid the pain and through pleasure causes pain. The best examples for this would be friendships where one person will do something that gives them pleasure but then could cause someone else pain which then creates grief for that person which is an emotion of pain.

More recent hedonism theory comes from David Pearce (Facebook profile), a British utilitarian philosopher which created www.hedweb.com. He predicts that within a few centuries, it will be technically if not ideologically feasible to abolish suffering of any kind. In this short online article he presents ‘Heaven on earth: paradise engineering?

For further reading, please go to http://www.wireheading.com where they discuss wireheading versus paradise engineering

Curious about quantum philosophy theories or simply hedonism philosophy? We will actually cover both topics here at Qpt.org.uk, an organisation focused on general philosophy theories.